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Why you should work for us

You will be one of our first employees, so you can directly change the course of the company and take huge steps in your career path.

You will work for leaders in different industries, with changing tasks and projects, so you will never get bored. We also help startups and found our own, so you can also participate in the development of those.
And to be a great consultant to our clients and your colleagues we send you to multiple trainings each year, so you are able to work on cutting edge technologies.

We also take the whole day on the last friday every month to meet in person, brainstom new ideas and work on awesome stuff that we would like to see happening. We call this the “Tony-Stark-Day”!

And our salaries are highly competitive, so please have a look at the career path below. 

If you are driven by helping others and take charge, you are the right person for us. We also take the agile principles serious, and so should you.

Your career at

We offer transparent opportunities for your development.

A roadmap for you personal development

To ensure your career development, we created steps that you can go through and learn special skills that you can use at our clients.


You will do your first steps in the business world. You either finished University or accumulated comparable work experience.


After collecting experience with our clients you take the next step by showing a high degree of responsibility.


You are now a highly experienced Consultant who takes over projects on her own and leads other Consultants by example. If you are happy with your work you can stay on this career stage as long as you want – there is no up-or-out mentality at


As a Principle Consultant you drive the tech stack or develop best-practices, give talks at conferences and actively develop open source projects for and its clients. Most of your time you will spend in our offices, no longer at our clients. You will assist other teams and clients with code reviews and feedback to planned architectures. You can also become a CxO for one of our startups that we plan to build – your ideas are highly welcome.


As a Partner you are responsible for driving our business. You meet with new and prospective clients, find new projects at existing clients and develop our organisation.

Senior Partner

You are part of the strategic management team and decide what our company should look like, where we are going, and which startups we are going to invest in.

Salary and benefit model

We do not discriminate, so everyone at a specific career level earns the same.



Our salary is highly competitive, paid in 13 installments. And this rises each step you take by a substantial amount.
And the participation bonus comes on top!



30 days paid vacation, free Udemy access, possibility to take a sabbatical, yearly company retreat, free certifications to enhance your skill, tickets to a conference of your choice, newest Hardware, Fitness club membership



We want you to participate in our success, so we pay most of the companies profits back to our employees.
You receive one share in the company, and each step this increases.


Scrum Master / Agile Coach

As a Srum Master or Agile Coach you are highly motivated to „get things done “.

Software Developer

You work with cutting edge tech but are also able to dig into bad code our clients have cultivated over the years and refactor it to match current best practices.

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